Ancestors of Kenneth Roger BAKER

Third Generation

4. Theophilus Walton BAKER Sr. [scrapbook] was born on 15 May 1868 in Fayette County, Texas. He died in Big Spring, Howard, Texas. Theophilus married Pinkie Lee HARRISON on 5 Jan 1910 in Oklahoma. [Parents]

5. Pinkie Lee HARRISON [scrapbook] was born on 20 Dec 1887 in Rock Wall, Panola County, Texas. She died in Jan 1977 in Big Spring, Howard, Texas. [Parents]

Granddaughter, Triva Boyd, has Pinkie's wedding ring. It says solidgold, tho a jeweler says it is only 10 kt. The price George Harrisonpaid for it was $5.

The story of the "Old House" where Pinkie and Tony lived in Big Spring(and Kenneth & Tony later lived in with "Grandma") according to TrivaBoyd, granddaughter, is that in 1906 George Harris bought 160 acres froma Mr. Caylor for $15 per acre. On Saturday, May 27, 1906, George andNancy with daughters, Pinkie and Lucy, came to Big Spring on the trainbringing lumber from Rockwall. Tom and Neil Harrison already livedaround there and met them at the train with a wagon to take them to thehouse site. Pinkie and the family lived in a tent until the house wasbuilt in 2 weeks. The carpenters were from Rockwall, a man named Bakerand Tom and Chester Currey. They stayed in a hotel in Big Spring thefirst night. Jules Currey rode in the boxcar with the funiture, chickensand Dexter, the old horse they called Deck for short was in there, too.In 1907, he bought the other 170 acres, making up the original section.Triva thinks George, Tom & Neil were Grandpa's brothers. This waswritten up by Pinkie Harrison.


6. George Allen FREEMAN was born in 1870 in Oklahoma. He married Nettie HUMBLES.

7. Nettie HUMBLES was born in 1877 in Stevens County, Texas.


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