Ancestors of Kenneth Roger BAKER

Fifth Generation

16. Daniel BAKER was born in Jul 1795 in NY. He married Margarette MILLER.

1860 Census shows Daniel BAKER's occupation was a stonemason.

At age 63 he lived with his granddaughter, Eliza BAKER BELL (daughter ofAurelia and Joel Baker) in LaGrange according to the 1860 census.

December 26, 1839, Fayette Co. Tax list cert #146, grant 640 acres

Military service: May 26, 1861, Pvt in Fayette Co. 22nd Brigade @LaGrange, TX

17. Margarette MILLER 1 was born in 1803 in Ohio. [Parents]

No other information has been obtained about Margarette (or Margaret)MILLER BAKER. There was no death certificate in LaGrange, Texas.

Family Search International Genealogical Index of North America v4.2(LDS) says she was born about 1803 in Ohio.


18. Arnold SPRINGSTEAD was born in 1814 in NY. He married Jane BEADLE on 19 Sep 1844 in Huron County, OHIO.

19. Jane BEADLE.


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