May 14, 2005

Joel Baker Confederate Veteran's Marker Dedication

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Some of those attending

Donna Wood Baker during her Libation toast

Ken and Rita giving out flowers to lay on the grave during the ceremony

Family laying flowers on the grave as part of the ceremony

Amelia, Martha & Cindy add their flowers to the grave.

Here's me, Gracie, Brian, Candace and Donna watching the program. It was awesome!

Confederate Ron Sandidge doing Libation ceremony.

A toast to Pvt Joel Baker

Confederate Victor Alpher during Libation ceremony

Great-Grandson Tommy Baker during Libation

Tom Baker offers Libation to his G-Granddad Joel Baker

GG-Granddaughter's husband Tony Parlak with his Libation toast

Great-Grandson Jerry Don Horsley Libation toast

Charlotte Hoaks, President of Pin Oak Cemetery Association presents her toast to Pvt Baker during the LIbation

Getting ready for cannon salute.

First of the three shot salute to Pvt Baker - Awesome!

Confederates making ready for second shot

Shot - The sound was awesome on that old 12-pounder!!!

Confederates make ready again for the 2nd shot of the salute to Pvt Baker

Final cannon shot in the 3-round salute to Private Joel Baker.

Taps was very touching, as usual.

Great-Granddaughter Donna Baker's husband Benny Baker, who is a missionary presents the Benediction and Blessing before the meal.

The fiddler played a rousing rendition of "Dixie" to end the program and we all sang.

Graphics & music are courtesy of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and

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